I haven't posted a blog here for a long time. Of many excuses, the best is that I've been concentrating on finishing the third Sarah McKinney mystery, which I hope to publish in the Spring. Like most of the writers I know, I much prefer the actual writing to the promotion of the published books, but I also like to have readers, so I need to pay attention to my "platform" as I've been taught to refer to it. Here is an update on what I've been up to, as well as an answer to the oft-asked question, "So how's the next book coming?"

Taking a rest from mystery, I contributed to an anthology Memory into Memoir published in September. My piece recounted An Azure Year: my time living on the French Riviera in the Seventies. I've included it on my "Books" page. This was when I learned to love food and began a lifelong interest in its production and preparation, as well, of course, as its consumption! I now serve on the Board of the Bellingham Farmers' Market, one of the best in the Northwest. A trip to Italy in October under the guidance of two local restaurant owners took me to farms, olive mills, wineries, a Parmigiano cheese factory, a traditional Balsamic maker, and even a salami museum!

In November, I jumped on the Cyber Monday bandwagon, offering A Dangerous Descent for free to Kindle e-readers. I was thrilled to find out more than 400 people (136 in the UK!) had downloaded the book, rocketing me briefly to #8 worldwide in the mystery and crime category! I'm hoping at least some of those who downloaded the book will read it, and write a review. By the way, reviews drive the Amazon algorithms. If you have read either A Slippery Slope or A Dangerous Descent, please take the time to write an Amazon or Goodreads review. You don't have to give it five stars. I'm really interested in what you think.

2017 has found me blogging in a different sphere: politics. I contributed the first of a year-long series of Resistance Blogs published by Red Wheelbarrow Writers, an association of Northwest writers in a variety of genres, who get together for mutual support and commiseration. Here's my effort; excuse the ranting.




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