Wow! What a fabulous event! Ninety thousand people attended the 2013 Decatur Book Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, the nation's largest independent book festival.​ Marian Exall was one of twenty-five authors featured in the Emerging Writers Pavilion.

Book launch at the

Decatur Book Festival

A SLIPPERY SLOPE ​ available as an e-book  and in print

Amazon Reviews give A SLIPPERY SLOPE four and a half stars

Readers say:

"You start and there's no turning back"  ....   "Exciting"  ....   "Intriguing"     

"Well-written and researched"  .....  "Moves at a great pace"

"Sarah is complex -- her competent and business-like veneer covers unresolved issues"  

"Women will debate over the love interest: what would they do?"



"A well-paced, engrossing mystery ... Exall does a superb job of adding layers to the mystery, but she also takes time to develop Sarah's character. ... The prose is especially elegant."  

Kirkus Reviews

INTRODUCING Sarah McKinney ........

​Lawyer and international mediator. Celebrating the conclusion of a case in London, she is hit by a stray bullet. When she meets the intended targets, a beautiful young Jordanian woman and her lover, a journalist on the hunt for the hidden assets of Middle-Eastern strongmen, she is drawn into a criminal intrigue that follows her home to Decatur, Georgia. The Sphinx has the answers -- but who has the Sphinx?

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