CHAPTER ONE: New York - Monday
​I don’t love New York. At least, I didn’t love it at five-thirty p.m. on the hottest June day on record. I lingered in the air-conditioned hush of the law firm lobby, reluctant to fight my way onto the subway from Wall Street to my hotel in midtown, change and then join the rush hour struggle again back downtown to Little Italy for my unfashionably early dinner date. I made up my mind to walk the dozen blocks. The exercise would do me good, and burn off some of the frustration accumulated throughout a day of mediation going nowhere fast. I peeled off my suit jacket and started to weave my way through the crowds on lower Broadway, keeping to the shade of the buildings. I cut across to Foley Square, earning a couple of dirty looks and a “Watch it, lady!” as I tried to maintain a decent pace. The traffic was jammed solid on Canal Street, tempers rising with the temperature, as commuters headed for home in Brooklyn, Queens and points east.  I made it to Mulberry Street by six p.m., a little sweaty but mentally cleansed.   
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Readers say:

"A confident second outing for Sarah McKinney and Marian Exall.  ...a pacey plot..."  Bookworm

"I loved the descriptions of the Dordogne countryside." Rachel Gray

"A 'must read' thriller! A Dangerous Descent is an ideal travelling companion - if you're reading this thriller and your flight is delayed, ... you won't even notice." A.C. Shakeshaft


If you enjoyed A Slippery Slope, you won't want to miss the award-winning second mystery in the Sarah McKinney series,

A Dangerous Descent

2015 winner of the CLUE award for international mystery and crime. 

Sarah's offer to help her mentor locate his estranged daughter takes her to rural France. Sarah's search leads her into danger, and forces her to confront the parallels between her troubled past and that of the woman she has come to France to find.​ Here's a sneak peak . . .