Now, in A Splintered Step, Sarah's plans for a cosy Christmas vacation with her lover in London turn to terror when she reconnects with a figure from her childhood. 

Marian Exall

​ writer, trainer, consultant


A Sarah McKinney Mystery

After a career as an employment lawyer, Marian Exall now writes what she loves to read: fiction of all kinds.

A Splintered Step     

The third Sarah McKinney mystery

is available now!


          Sarah McKinney, competent professional ..... damaged child

Marian Exall has crafted a character forged in the crucible of childhood abuse. Sarah's sophisticated exterior

- love those Jimmy Choos! - hides a painful history. She excels at academics; relationships are harder. But in A Slippery Slope,

Sarah falls in love and is drawn into a criminal intrigue that threatens her ordered existence. In A Dangerous Descent, Sarah

searches for a missing woman whose troubled past parallels her own.​​