Featured in Whatcom Magazine's fall 2015 issue.

Upcoming Events:

December 1 NaNoWriMo Readings 

Marian Exall and other Red Wheelbarrow Writers will read from their serial novel, Juicy Fruit Don't Grow On Trees. 7 pm at Village Books in Fairhaven.

December 10: Holiday Festival of Books

Join Marian Exall and other local writers, artists and crafters at the Ferry Terminal in Fairhaven, Noon until 8 pm.

Marian Exall

​ writer, trainer, consultant

Wow! What a fabulous event! Ninety thousand people attended the 2013 Decatur Book Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, the nation's largest independent book festival.​ Marian Exall was one of twenty-five authors featured in the Emerging Writers Pavilion.

After a career as an employment lawyer, Marian Exall now writes what she loves to read: fiction of all kinds.


The second Sarah McKinney mystery is available now!

Sarah McKinney

Competent professional ..... damaged child

Marian Exall has crafted a character forged in the crucible of childhood abuse. Sarah's sophisticated exterior - love those Jimmy Choos! - hides a painful history. She excels at academics; relationships are harder. But in A Slippery Slope, Sarah falls in love and is drawn into a criminal intrigue that threatens her ordered existence.

Now, in A Dangerous Descent, Sarah searches for a missing woman whose troubled past parallels her own.​​

Book launch at the

Decatur Book Festival