After a career as an employment lawyer, Marian Exall now writes what she loves to read: fiction of all kinds.

               2015 CLUE award winner for

               international mystery

               and crime


The second Sarah McKinney mystery is available now!

Sarah McKinney, competent professional ..... damaged child

Marian Exall has crafted a character forged in the crucible of childhood abuse. Sarah's sophisticated exterior - love those Jimmy Choos! - hides a painful history. She excels at academics; relationships are harder. But in A Slippery Slope, Sarah falls in love and is drawn into a criminal intrigue that threatens her ordered existence.

Now, in A Dangerous Descent, Sarah searches for a missing woman whose troubled past parallels her own.​​

Book launch at the

Decatur Book Festival

Red Wheelbarrow Writers  is a loose association of Northwest writers in all genres who get together to celebrate each other's creative endeavors, commiserate each other's setbacks, and drink wine.

In September we will realize a long-held dream: to publish our first book, a memoir anthology. Over 30 writers have contributed their unique stories. Marian Exall revisits a formative year in the South of France. Find out how to secure your copy at our website.

It all depends on .... community.

Coming soon: Juicy Fruit Don't Grow On Treesa collective novel

Since 2013, Red Wheelbarrow Writers have also collaborated on a NanoWriMo novel. November is national novel writing month when writers all over the US strive to pen 2,000 words a day to achieve the first draft of a novel by December 1st. Beginning with a chapter by the group's doyenne, prize-winning novelist Laura Kalpakian, thirty members take a day each and contribute a chapter.

2015's novel, titled Juicy Fruit Don't Grow On Trees, is the best yet, and is shortly to be published as an e-book for Kindle. Watch this page for more details. Exall wrote Chapter 19.

Wow! What a fabulous event! Ninety thousand people attended the 2013 Decatur Book Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, the nation's largest independent book festival.​ Marian Exall was one of twenty-five authors featured in the Emerging Writers Pavilion.

Marian Exall

​ writer, trainer, consultant

Memory into Memoir

Book Launch at Village Books in Fairhaven

September 16 and 17 at 7 pm.

Two evenings of readings from the anthology.